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New Haven, VT Homeowner Recommends Bristol Electronics

I was very impressed with the staff at Bristol Electronics. David came
to my home for the site check and was so honest and took the time
I needed to answer all of my questions. I have been very impressed
with the entire Bristol Electronics team. I could not be home during the
installation days, however I felt complete trust in the installation team
to do what was necessary without my guidance. I absolutely love not
having an electricity bill now.
Jean Greene – New Haven

Bristol, VT Homeowner Recommends Bristol Electronics

The Bristol Electronics people are very pleasant to work with.
We looked at rental vs. ownership and it became clear that ownership
was a better deal in the long run. The installation time was
very quick. We expect to pay off our loan in 10 years and then we’ll
have free electricity for the rest of our lives. Bristol Electronics is
very professional. The process was easy and we are very happy.
Gerry & Claire Tetrault – Bristol, VT