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System Size: 5.440kW

Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with this homeowner. They had a photovoltaic (electricity producing) and a thermal (hot water) solar system on the roof from years past. Their consumption has increased which means the current systems are not taking care of their needs. We added another photovoltaic system that utilizes more efficient modules and micro Read More…

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System Size: 6.900kW

Although this array will not be seen from the ground, our team thoroughly enjoyed adding to the original system to help the homeowner cover his increased consumption costs.

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System Size: 10.860kW

Our original installation happened in February of 2017 for this homeowner. They’ve since increased their consumption. This late spring we got to return to add to the system and round out the array to fit the roof in order to bring their production closer to their consumption.

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System Size: 3.400kW

Although the flat dormer was larger, this little space provided the right amount of room for a small solar array…and it’s much easier to get to when it covers with snow. The flat dormer was inaccessible for snow removal and would hold the snow longer due to it’s slight pitch.

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System Size: 8.040kW

We install solar systems year-around. Although we do take time out of the bitter cold days to do some training, our team thoroughly enjoys what they do and would certainly rather be outside installing solar and heat pumps.

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System Size: 6.120kW

After replacing the roof surface, this homeowner asked us to install solar on their new standing seam roof. We install solar systems on standing seam and corrugated metal roof surfaces as well as those that have asphalt shingles. Although there are mounting options for slate roof surfaces, we prefer not to install on them.

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