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Charlotte 112822

This barn is the perfect place to put a solar photovoltaic system as it is less shaded than the home.

Middlebury 103122

The team filled this roof as well as placed more solar modules (panels) on a different roof to provide the credits this family will need annually to cover their electricity bill.

Ferrisburgh, VT 083122

This old barn was a part of our extended family’s history for a very long time.  Generations have watched it in used and non-used chapters of its life.  When the new owners reached out to us, we jumped at the opportunity to brainstorm with them.  Getting the opportunity to see it in its current chapter Read More…

Weybridge, VT 083122

You cannot see the view that our team got to experience from the top of this pool pavilion while installing this solar system, however you can see the incredible craftsmanship of the builders of the structure. We were very impressed with both.

Bristol, VT 070822

Tucked into the village of Bristol, this sweet little home now sports a beautiful, yet humble solar array that will take care of its electricity consumption costs for many years to come.

Bristol, VT 090822

This home wasn’t even built when we began brainstorming what the solar system needed might be.  It is a beautiful home in the village of Bristol, VT that will now take care of its own electricity costs with the solar system situated out of sight at the top of the roof.

Ripton 07282022

We’ve worked on this property in many different capacity over decades and with a few generations.  Getting the opportunity to design and install this solar system was a true gift.  It will serve the family well for generations to come.

Bristol 072522

After our initial installation, this homeowner found they needed a bit more. This year we added to their original system to cover the cost of heating & cooling their home with cold climate heat pumps.

New Haven 030722

Yes, we install right through the winter months.  Our team loves being outside in all of the seasons.

Bristol, VT 04152022

With plenty of room to spare for potential additions in the future, this one row at the top of the roof will provide most of the credits needed to cover a family of seven’s annual electricity costs.