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Ferrisburgh 122723

There are so many different buildings that are perfect for housing a solar system. This small barn is just one of them.

Bridport 110822

This homeowner asked us to add the bottom row as well as two modules on each of the two existing rows. Additions are easy with micro inverters.

Middlebury 100623

There is room for future expansion on this roof. With the addition of EVs and heat pumps among our customers, this is something we try to be mindful of.

Orwell 102023

Our crew thoroughly enjoyed installing this system as they looked over at Lake Champlain.

Bristol 120122

A solar photovoltaic (electricity producing) system as well as two heat pump systems were installed simultaneously for this homeowner. They will be more comfy, will have a better carbon footprint and have reduced their monthly expenses with these installations.

South Burlington 081523

We never knew this home was tucked sweetly behind businesses that we have frequented for decades. It is a lovely property that does not feel as if it’s that close to Williston Road and yet it is a stone’s throw away.

Middlebury 081423

This system is actually an addition to the original installation of (8) modules that can’t be seen from this angle.  A young family purchased the property from a couple that used much less electricity.  In order to cover more of their annual electricity costs, the family decided to add to the system.

Vergennes 052323

When this home was being constructed the builder contacted us to preplan for the solar installation.  Once the new homeowner moved in and the dust had settled a little they gave us a call and the system was installed shortly after.

Whiting, VT 081823

This dairy barn is now used by sheep for part of the year. They pasture all over the place throughout the “nice” weather and get to call this home for the winter & spring months.