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New Haven 030722

Yes, we install right through the winter months.  Our team loves being outside in all of the seasons.

Bristol, VT 04152022

With plenty of room to spare for potential additions in the future, this one row at the top of the roof will provide most of the credits needed to cover a family of seven’s annual electricity costs.

13.260 kW System

The homeowner building this home on the shores of Lake Champlain in Ferrisburgh reached out to us while still in the design stage. The trees on the lot had not even been cut when we met with them the first time. Our lead installer worked with them to determine which trees would need to be Read More…

Middlebury 110921

When this family needed to resurface their roof, they paired the project with a solar installation to take advantage of the federal Investment Tax Credit on portions of the roofing project as well as the solar installation. The solar installation on the upper roof is barely visible. It fits in as if the roof was Read More…

Ryersbach addition 2020

When we installed heat pumps for this homeowner, we added another two columns of solar modules (panels)…unfortunately a couple of them had a bit of dust on them in this photo. The next rain washed them perfectly.

Weybridge, VT Solar 9 30 21

This solar system was built to cover this customers current usage with room to add on if need be in the future.

Middlebury, VT 09202021

This solar system was installed on a newly renovated roof and will provide the family with solar power for years to come!

Ferrisburgh, VT Solar 11092020

This roof mounted solar system is located on this family’s barn.  It will help offset the costs of the newly installed heat pumps. We installed in a way that additional solar panels can be added consumption increases over time.

Whiting, VT Solar 08162019 Addition

This solar addition was installed soon after the owner added heat pumps in their home. They needed more solar production to cover the increased electrical bill.