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Bristol 060723

Our team tucked this ground mounted solar system into the only spot on the property that it fit.  The hills of Bristol can be a bit tricky.  Our team persevered and got the job done.

Bristol 102623

Although it cannot be seen from this angle, this is an addition to an existing solar system. The original array was installed on the garage in 2012. Since having us install cold climate heat pumps increased the electricity consumption, the electric bills have increased. The homeowner decided to add to his solar system to cover Read More…

Hinesburg 092223

Along with providing the needed credits to pay for the homeowner’s electricity consumption annually, this ground mounted solar system will offer a bit of shade to the chicken coop that resides directly behind it.

Brandon 011923

This combination of a solar thermal (domestic water heating) and photovoltaics (electricity producing) is a great use of the homeowner’s back yard.

Bristol 123022

When asked to build a post & beam structure to cover a parking area for a local business, we jumped at the opportunity.  We had to obtain a variance from the town due to the proximity to Route 116.  The Town of Bristol thought carefully about all of the details and eventually provided the variance.  Read More…

Starksboro, VT 100622

These arrays will not be noticed from the new deck…just the way the homeowner wanted it.

Bridport, VT 072122

The photo of this ground mounted array does not do the scenery justice.  It does show a beautifully installed system by our amazing crew though.

Bridport, VT 072122

This ground mounted solar system will generate the credits needed to pay the electric bill annually for a couple in Bridport. Although not seen in this photo, our crew thoroughly enjoyed working on this site with it’s panoramic views of the Champlain Valley as seen from Bridport toward the Green Mountains.

Wells, H & M Brevda

This homeowner built his own structure for us to install his solar system upon.  It was a fun project from start to finish as we were able to provide the needed guidance for the proper compass heading, pitch and offered design advise too.

Addison, VT 09272021

One of our technicians favorite perks is having the opportunity to work in the ever changing seasons and admiring the view each customers home brings.  The view while installing this families solar system showed the most spectacular view of the valley!