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Wells, H & M Brevda

This homeowner built his own structure for us to install his solar system upon.  It was a fun project from start to finish as we were able to provide the needed guidance for the proper compass heading, pitch and offered design advise too.

Addison, VT 09272021

One of our technicians favorite perks is having the opportunity to work in the ever changing seasons and admiring the view each customers home brings.  The view while installing this families solar system showed the most spectacular view of the valley!

Ripton, VT Solar 08302021

This ground mounted solar system was added to a previously installed solar system. It will help offset the anticipated electrical costs from newly installed heat pumps.

Cornwall, VT Solar 080321

This ground mounted solar system is located in a field behind the home.  It has plenty of room to “add on” if this family’s monthly electricity usage increases in the future.

New Haven, VT Solar 07222021

Although we had to delay installation of this ground mounted array due to the weather this spring, the summer proved perfect for our team to get it done. It will sit out of site from the house and do it’s job for decades to come.

Starksboro, VT Solar 10262020

This array is tucked into the side of a field on the side of a mountain. It is located away from the house that you can barely see through the trees behind the array. It won’t be seem from the home when there are leaves on the trees and barely so when the leaves have Read More…

Bristol, VT Solar 12162020

Yes, we do install ground mounted arrays in the early winter. They are more easily cleared of snow because folks can walk up to them to brush them off…AND they shed the snow well without the assistance of their owners anyway.

Monkton, VT Solar 09092019

We installed the original (16) solar module system seen on the right in this photo in 2017. In 2019 we added heat pumps to the home and added the (8) modules on the left. Adding to solar arrays is easy. We complete 1-3 additions per month on average.

Cornwall, VT Solar 9192019

When a homeowner is pressed for space yet needs a larger solar system to cover their needs, we can split the array to fit the space. This Cornall system will provide the credits needed to pay for the home’s electricity consumption as well as some of the electricity expenses of their business located in Middlebury Read More…

Lincoln, VT Solar Phase III

This homeowner in Lincoln hired a different solar installer to complete “phase I” of his installation. When he was ready to add to his initial roof mounted array, he chose Bristol Electronics for what he called “Phase II”. This summer he invited us back when he added an electric vehicle to his fleet and needed Read More…