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Addison, VT 09272021

One of our technicians favorite perks is having the opportunity to work in the ever changing seasons and admiring the view each customers home brings.  The view while installing this families solar system showed the most spectacular view of the valley!

Cornwall, VT Solar 080321

This ground mounted solar system is located in a field behind the home.  It has plenty of room to “add on” if this family’s monthly electricity usage increases in the future.

Addison, VT Solar 12312019

The team designed and constructed this post & beam structure with solar on one side of the roof surface to cover a sailboat in the winter and provide a picnic area in the summer months. These structures are completely custom. We’d love to brainstorm with you to provide you with the perfect solution for your Read More…

Orwell, VT Solar 09252015

This solar array in Orwell went on-line in September and is working wonders on the homeowner’s electric bill already.