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Ferrisburgh, VT Solar 11092020

This roof mounted solar system is located on this family’s barn.  It will help offset the costs of the newly installed heat pumps. We installed in a way that additional solar panels can be added consumption increases over time.

Cornwall, VT Solar 080321

This ground mounted solar system is located in a field behind the home.  It has plenty of room to “add on” if this family’s monthly electricity usage increases in the future.

Castonguay, Ron & Babette addition 2016

The original (24) modules that we installed in 2012 are now joined with (7) new modules to produce a larger portion of the power credits needed at this South Starksboro resident’s maple shack as well as their entire home.

South Starksboro, VT Solar 05042016

Up in the hills of South Starksboro, this delightful home with a new roof surface on it’s stress-skin roof is sporting a solar system that will generate the credits needed to cover it’s electricity costs for decades to come.

Panton, VT Solar 04272016

This delightful home on Lake Champlain in Panton will now produce enough power to cover it’s electricity bills. Our team certainly enjoyed the view while installing it.

Bristol, VT Solar 06172016

This Bristol resident had an existing solar array on their garage roof when they purchased the home.  They love their electric car and their new heat pumps, however were needing to add more solar capacity to cover the added electricity usage.  They also needed to insulate a section of their roof where more solar could Read More…

Cornwall, VT Solar 05112016

The apple orchard and views of the Adirondacks that surround this array cannot be seen in this photo.  The system is tucked into a sweet spot where it can do it’s job and not detract from the beauty of it’s surroundings in Cornwall.

Cornwall, VT Solar 05262016

This installation in Cornwall is located about 200 feet from the home.  The power it generates goes into the detached garage.  Unused kWhs move onto the power grid, however all of the credits are applied to the Green Mountain Power account for the home.