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Bristol, VT Homeowner Recommends Bristol Electronics

By Chris Marion | July 14, 2016 | Testimonials Page

Recently, we had a small solar array installed on our garage by Bristol Electronics.
They were very helpful through all the phases of the installation process. It took
us quite some time to decide that solar energy was the way to go. They were very
patient with us as we asked lots of questions! Bristol Electronics always responded
promptly and with all the information we needed. Once we made the decision to
go solar, they made the process really easy and helped us choose an array that
fit both our electric and financial needs with the option to expand in the future. The
physical installation didn’t even take an entire day and we immediately had online
access to actually see our solar production! I couldn’t ask for an easier process.
And we know that our local installer is available any time we have further questions!
Thank you, Bristol Electronics!
Michelle Lass – Bristol, VT