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Bristol, VT Homeowner Recommends Bristol Electronics

By Chris Marion | July 14, 2016 | Home Page Testimonials,Testimonials Page

We are so pleased with our electric solar panels that we want to tell everyone about our great experience! The wonderful team at Bristol Electronics installed the ground-mount array last fall. We had them put in our solar hot water system several years prior and had established a good working relationship with them. We already knew them to be reliable and quick to fi x any problems that arose.


We enjoy the idea of being a part of protecting the environment so when it came time to deciding on what type of solar panels to install for electricity, we contacted Bristol Electronics first, while also considering other companies and products as well. There’s a big world out there with a variety of choices and it was hard to know whose product was actually best for our needs. Finally in the end, we decided on choosing Bristol Electronics because of their reliability, best price, the best installment time frame and most efficient system using micro-inverters instead of the conventional less expensive string inverters.


The team provided very professional and pleasant service all the way from the planning stages to final clean-up. When we finally made the decision to “break ground”, they were exceptionally fast, professional and easy to work with. From start to finish, we were making electricity in about 2 weeks. Indeed, our yard looks better now than before they started! In the end, we are saving a lot of money on both our solar hot water and solar electric systems. Thank you Bristol Electronics for your excellent service in meeting our hopes and expectations!


Sincerely, Ed & Emily Hilbert – Bristol, VT