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gergely_ john 2013 photo 1

System Size: 5.300kWh

Why not use the roof surface of this wonderful barn to produce energy while the building serves it’s other purposes?

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marlin_ john 2013 upgrade photo 3

System Size: .530kWh

A home on the lake is a bit shaded in the morning, however it rocks all afternoon in the bright sunshine being reflected off the water.

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grigg_ chalie _ sue 2013 photo 10

System Size: 2.120kWh

After installing a ground mounted solar hot water system, this client had us build a similar ground mount rack for their PV (electricity producing) system. The windmill wasn’t quite keeping up with their electric needs.

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mathez_ ed 2013 photo 1 - cropped

System Size: 5.300kWh

Ground mounted arrays can be practically invisible, if placed properly. This system in Cornwall is not visible from most of the property but is still accessible to remove the snow in the winter. This client moved into their new home and within a very short time had us installing this system. They will now produce Read More…

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spaulding_ claude _ peggy 2013 photo 1 - cropped

System Size: 4.770kWh

Can you see the solar system? Nobody will ever see it, unless they go looking. The homeowner won’t have to look hard at their power bill to see that they are generating their own power though.

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wakefield_ dayton 2013 photo 14

System Size: 3.710kWh

This customer replaced their roof surface & within a week we installed the solar system that now covers it. The shingles under the array will last much longer…and the customer will enjoy making their own power!

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hannaford career center 2013 photo 12 - copy

System Size: 8.200kWh

The Hannaford Career Center is now making some of their own power thanks to our install team. What a great way to take care of the next generation…and the tax payers!

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castillo_ mike 2013 photo 13

System Size: 3.975kWh

Systems can be split between roof surfaces. Some customers choose to install all the modules they need at once, others install a portion now and add more later.

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jerry _ claire tetrault 2013_ photo 15

System Size: 6.480kWh

Another new roof with a new solar system on it… we have many good references for roofing contractors if you are in need.

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bill ford 2013 photo 4

System Size: 5.400kWh

On the edge of a vineyard, this system will provide the electricity needed for a couple in Ripton, however the deer fence might need a little adjusting to avoid shadowing.

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hanley_ mike and helen photo 13

System Size: 5.670kWh

We worked with this couple to integrate the solar installation into their build schedule. The solar array was providing credits while the builders were finishing the project and will for decades to come.

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dam_ doeke 2013 photo 4 a

System Size: 9.720kWh

This client’s lakeside home on Button Bay uses electric heat. Their power bill will be almost completely covered with these (36) 270 watt modules for years to come.

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lass_ michelle 2013 photo 3

System Size: 2.160kWh

Ten modules will pay a portion of this couple in Bristol’s electric bill. The balance of the roof will be covered later. Doing a portion of what is needed to zero out their electric bill is certainly better than waiting.

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stillman_ allen 2013 photo for thank you card

System Size: 3.240kWh

This ground mounted array is tucked into the hillside & will supply all of the power needed for a gentleman in Middlebury.

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nelson_ peter 2013 photo 8

System Size: 4.320kWh

When we completed this installation it was snowing lightly. Panels can be cleared by using a roof rake. Some of our customers are faithful about clearing the snow, others cannot reach their arrays or do not have the time. Since the panels have a glass surface, the snow slides similarly to a metal roof. When Read More…

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lebeau_ keith _ bettee 2013 thank you photo

System Size: 4.860kWh

Eighteen modules mounted on this garage will make a big dent in this clients’ power bill. There is room to expand in the future. When they are ready, the upgrade will be easy.

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deboer_ jan _ tinie 2013 photo 15

System Size: 10.260kWh

Placing panels on this riding arena made for a great place to install solar out of sight. This array covers the needs of the farm and has plenty of room to add, should the need arrise.

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grant_ gerald _ jill 2013 photo 4

System Size: 3.300kWh

Out of sight, however producing very well. This array provides the solar credits needed for a family in Addison.

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braisted_ gayl 2014 photo 4

System Size: 2.700kWh

This garage has plenty of room to add modules in the future. In the meantime, this client in Cornwall will be seeing credits on her electricity bill every month.

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curler_ john _ penny 2014 photo 2

System Size: 5.225kWh

After we installed a system at his place of employment, this Middlebury resident decided to make his own power.

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mortensen_ eric and roma 2014 photo 1

System Size: 4.950kWh

Before beginning construction on the back half of their garage, this customer asked us to install half of their solar array. This way, they began making credits on the space that was available right away.

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