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System Size: 4.880kWh

This very cute little home is now sporting a solar system that will offer the credits needed to pay for the power it’s family consumes.

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System Size: 1.525kWh

We installed a (15) module (panel) ground mounted solar array for this homeowner in Bristol quite a few years ago. This roof surface was sporting an old solar hot water heater system. When it failed this past year, he decided to add to his photovoltaic capacity in it’s place to cover the added electricity expenses Read More…

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System Size: 14.175kWh

Yes, we install year around. Our team would be very bored and underfoot at the shop if we did not. They thoroughly enjoyed working for this family in South Burlington. The last day was a crystal clear “blue sky” day and the snow was shedding quickly as the team packed up and headed for home.

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