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System Size: 17.400kWh

This beautiful array is tucked away in Charlotte where it will do just as it is supposed to while being out of sight and out of the way.

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System Size: 6.000kWh

The tree in the side yard had died and needed to be removed. It was a sad day for the tree, however this homeowner is happy as can be with his new solar installation and how well it will produce with the tree gone.

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System Size: 5.525kWh

This homeowner chose a different solar module (panel) manufacturer since the research they did independently made them feel more comfortable with a more diversified company than our traditional US made module manufactuer. Our goal is to provide the products and install them in a way that you feel comfortable with. We work with you to Read More…

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System Size: 1.475kWh

When a customer adds a heat pump, they often add solar capacity to cover the added electricity costs. We added (5) solar modules (panels) to this array this spring for this very reason. Adding is easy with micro inverters. Just ask this Bristol resident. They’ll let you know just how easy it was.

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System Size: 5.580kWh

We are so incredibly blessed with beauty surrounding us every day. Today we are greatful for opportunity to install this beautiful little system on the front of a beautiful home in Middlebury for a beautiful young family.

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