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System Size: 2.700kWh

A sweet little system for a home that doesn’t use much electricity in Cornwall.

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System Size: 3.000kWh

This solar photovoltaic (electricity producing) system nestles perfectly beside the homeowner’s solar thermal (hot water producing) system with room to add on the opposite side if their electricity usage ever increases.

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System Size: 12.160kWh

This homeowner in Waltham added heat pump technology, thus increasing their electricity consumption annually. The solar array on the roof of the home was installed in 2015. We added the garage array this summer to cover some or all of the costs they will see from the additional electricity consumption costs.

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System Size: 6.860kWh

Even ground mounted arrays can be added to. We added four solar modules (panels) to the back array this summer.

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System Size: 4.200kWh

We have always admired this home on Lincoln Gap and felt honored to spend a little time there installing solar modules on the garage. The slate roof on the garage had aged to the point where it needed to be replaced. Completing the solar installation within the same calendar year means the homeowner will get Read More…

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