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Bristol Electronics was founded in June of 1972 by David Cobb providing sales, installation and repair of televisions, small appliances and roof-top antennas. The company was a spinoff of his father’s business, The Electronic Lab in Middlebury.

The company grew and adapted as roof-top antenna sales changed with the use of satellite technology. Bristol Electronics became one of the largest C-band (large dish) install and repair teams in the state of Vermont. As satellite dishes became smaller, Dish Network became the preferred brand for the company. Thousands of residents in Addison, Chittenden and Rutland counties have systems installed by Bristol Electronics.

In 2010 the company added solar to it’s repertoire as the solar industry was beginning to take off. The Bristol Electronics’ team jumped in whole heartedly, fueled by the desire to help our customers become more carbon footprint conscious as well as provide them with a very good return on their investment. Bristol Electronics was the top installer of solar thermal systems in the state of Vermont in 2011, with 87 installations in Addison County.

Photovoltaic (electricity producing) systems have become a better return on investment due to the decrease in cost because of improved manufacturing practices. We install these systems on roof surfaces as well as on ground mounted arrays. Our niche is residential and small business locations where the energy produced generates credits to cover an electric bill or two. You will find case studies and examples of our work on this webpage as well as testimonials from a few of our customers that will give you some insight into how they feel about their systems.

On January 1st, 2016, Bristol Electronics incorporated and is now owned and overseen by three generations: David Cobb, his daughter Chris Marion, and her son Stephen Cobb. Along with our amazing employees, we have 67 years of combined satellite and roof-top antenna experience and 21 years of combined solar experience.

David has always led his team by treating “his” customers as if they are his neighbors…because they are. We work alongside our customers as we volunteer in the community and see them as we go out to eat, run errands or hike the Long Trail. When any member of our team goes into a home or business to perform a task, they treat the location as if it was their own. We go the extra distance to do what is right and best for our customers, brainstorming options and ideas on how a job could be done. Our technicians are well trained, knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.

Bristol Electronics prides itself on being a resource and answering questions. It is very important to us for our customers to make educated decisions that are not rushed. Some of our customers have solar systems installed to save money, others to save the Earth, and others because it is a sound investment. Please look into your options. Without getting the information you need, you will not be able to make a good choice for your family. We want to be sure you are comfortable in your decisions and have all of your questions answered. On that note, we encourage you to call with any questions you have. We are here for you.